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Begin With The End In Mind

Begin With The End In Mind

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Begin With The End In Mind

Hey it’s Matt with operationawesomelife.com and today’s video topic is “begin with the end in mind.”

[Video Transcript] If you want to go somewhere, you have to know where it is you want to go, right?

It makes common sense, but unfortunately, most people don’t really think this through too much. They know that they want to better themselves in some way, but they don’t know what they really want.

If you don’t know what you really want, how the heck are you going to get there? It seems simple and elementary but in reality, too many of us don’t focus on where we really want to go and that’s why I highly suggest creating a vision board.

I’ve already done vision board videos. If you guys haven’t seen those, make sure you check those out, but a vision board is incredibly important to help you decide where you really want to go and so you can map it out in your brain.

Why It’s So Important To Begin With The End In Mind

But let’s talk more about why it’s so important for you to begin with the end in mind.

Let’s say that you were in a downtown area that you’d never been before and you were told you were going to meet up somewhere.  But you were never told where exactly you were going to meet up with your friend. Then, how would you get there?

There’s no possible way you could find your friend in a downtown area you’ve never been before if you didn’t know the end location that you were going to meet them.

But on the other hand, if you had a map in front of you and someone said, “I’m going to meet you at this location, at this restaurant at 2 o’clock,” now you have all the information you need.

You Have To Know Where You Want To Go To Get There

You know when you’re going to meet them, you know where you’re going to meet them. All you have to do is pull out your map, draw a line to the location and voilà, you’re going to be there. You’re going to make your way to your destination.

What was really important is that you began with the end in mind. You had the end destination in your mind so all you had to do is backtrack from where you are to where you want to go.

No matter what it is that we want to accomplish in our life, it is so important that we know where we want to go. If you don’t know where you want to go, how the heck are you going to get there? You have to know where you want to go.

Write Down All The Things You REALLY Want In Your Life

I would take out a piece of paper and write down all the things that you want in your life.  It’s important that you decide.

If there’s some uncertainty there then it’s good you’re doing this exercise because you want to hammer this out and get it clear in your head. You want to know exactly what you want. You want to know exactly what you’re going for and exactly the target you’re shooting for.

I’ve talked about this book before, “Psycho-Cybernetics.” In this book, Maxwell Maltz talks about our built in success mechanism in our brain. This success mechanism works to find the correct path, the most concise path to the target. But we have to know what the target is.

What Are The Chances Of Success Without A Target?

Can you imagine a battleship firing a torpedo without having any target to hit? What are the chances of success?

The chances of success are zero because it doesn’t have anything to aim at. It’s just shooting randomly.

We have to know where we’re going to go if we want to have success. If we’re not clear about exactly what that is, then we’re really setting ourselves up for ultimate failure.

You know, there’s nothing more discouraging than putting in a lot of work without a proper goal in mind and never really knowing if you’ve hit success because you don’t even have an end target or an end goal in mind.

I hope that this has really helped you guys understand why we must begin with the end in mind. And how important it is to really hammer out and get clear about what it is that you want in your life.

No matter what it is, if it’s your fitness, your business, if it’s your romantic life, your spiritual life, whatever it is in your life, get clear about what it is that you want and write exactly down what you want.

Take It A Step Further And Make A Vision Board

If you want to take it a step further, like I said before, do a vision board.  Put pictures up, have it etched out in your mind, exactly what you want to accomplish.  And make it completely clear to your success mechanism what your target is.

If you can make it clear to your brain what success is, then it’s going to go to work and help you navigate to that point of success. If you fail, it doesn’t matter, because you’re going to adjust along the way. Your success mechanism adjusts with each failure along the way to success, as long as it knows what success is.

With that being said, guys, that’s it for this video. Get clear about what you want. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you’ve really enjoyed this video.

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