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Maxwell Maltz Ideas On Self Image And Success In Psycho Cybernetics

Maxwell Maltz Ideas On Self Image And Success In Psycho Cybernetics

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Maxwell Maltz Ideas On Self Image And Success In Psycho-Cybernetics

Hey guys it’s Matt with operationawesomelife.com and I have been reading this book titled Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

[Video Transcript] I’m not even that far into this book yet. I am only about 26 pages into it, but I can honestly tell you that after reading the first 26 pages, this book is already in the top 3 books I’ve read all time.

Incredible information in the first 26 pages. I just want to give you guys a little idea of what’s inside of this book. Obviously, I haven’t read the whole thing, so there’s tons more to learn in it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up doing a few videos on it because I have learned some truly incredible ideas from it.

Like I said, Psycho-Cybernetics is just absolutely incredible. Order this immediately, and start reading it if you haven’t yet. I am telling you, this book is life-changing.

Maxwell Maltz’s Patients Changes In Self-Image

One of the first concepts I learned about in Psycho-Cybernetics is the idea of a self-image, and how important it is.

To give you a little background of him, Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon. One thing that he noticed with patients was this. Some patients, after getting a new face, a more beautiful face, would automatically change their self-image. And they would look at themselves as a much more attractive and worthy person.

While other patients would get an equally beautiful transformation physically. But they would not feel any difference whatsoever in their self-image or their value at all. They wouldn’t see themselves as more beautiful. Or even any different after undergoing a major change in appearance.

He thought this was really peculiar, and that’s what started him to go down the process of realizing that there’s more to how we feel about our self-image than just what we see on the outside.

In fact, a lot more of it has to do with what’s going on in the inside of our brain, instead of on the outside of our bodies. He became obsessed with this idea. And he wrote this book, Psycho-Cybernetics.

Maxwell Maltz On Self-Image And Its Importance

In it he talks about the ways that you can work on your self-image. And transform yourself through your limiting beliefs. How you can give yourself an emotional facelift, if you will. And changing how you are seen by others, but more importantly how you see yourself.

Another great idea that I learned so far in Psycho-Cybernetics was this idea that failure is necessary on your way to success.

There’s a thing called a servo-mechanism. This servo-mechanism is essentially a success mechanism. What it is, is our built-in brain system that helps us to find the successful route to doing something through failing.

Our Brain Gropes It’s Way Via Failure To Success

He uses an example of a torpedo. If a torpedo is fired, what happens is the torpedo corrects itself by the failures. If it goes too far this way, it will correct itself, and then it’ll go the other way, and correct itself, and continue to correct itself all the way until it hits the target.

He explains, our brain is very similar to that. And that was one of the most awesome concepts that, honestly, I’ve ever read about. I’ve heard about, yeah, you have to fail your way to success, and I believe that myself. But after reading this, it really, really makes sense to me that you truly do need to fail your way to success. Because our brain is wired in such a way that it would be impossible for us to hit success without failure.

Our brain actually gropes its way to success by turning each way, all the way, to get to that target, and literally just groping its way to there.

Failure Means You Are Doing Something Right

That really is an incredible concept to not only understand the process of failing your way to success but to have the reassurance that failure doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

In fact, failure means you’re actually doing something right because you’re going for what you want to accomplish. And you’re understanding that it’s part of the process to fail.

So many people get caught up in not wanting to fail. And what happens is, they eliminate any chance of success whatsoever.

Our Brains Are Wired To Fail Their Way To Success

You have a 100% chance of failing if you don’t try. But if you do try, you have an amazing chance of succeeding, because that’s how our brains are wired. Our brains are wired to fail their way to success.

That concept is just unbelievable! I had to do a video even though I’ve only read 26 pages because I gained so much value just from that torpedo story alone that I couldn’t not tell you guys about it!

Definitely go check out Psycho-Cybernetics, absolutely an incredible book. Like I said, 26 pages in, tons of knowledge, can’t imagine how much more there is in this thing.

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