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Intermittent Fasting Results And Fat Loss Transformation Report #2

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Intermittent Fasting Results And Fat Loss Transformation Report #2

Hey it’s Matt Hale with operationawesomelife.com and today I’m going to shoot a video to talk to you about my intermittent fasting results and fat loss transformation report #2.

[Video Transcript] About a month ago, on September 10th, I released my first report on my intermittent fasting results and fat loss transformation.

I started this fat loss transformation on July 25th, 2016 and today is now September 12th, 2016 as I’m recording this.

I want to give you guys an update of my intermittent fasting results.  And tell you some of the things that I have dealt with. Some of the things I’ve struggled with.  And some of the things that I’ve felt have been going the right way to this point in my intermittent fasting journey.

I also hope to give you some pointers and tips that might be able to help you.  As well as, tell you what I’m going to continue to focus on moving forward with my diet plan.

From the last report, I told you that I was down 12 pounds as of September 10th, 2016. I had some really tremendous fat loss results. Actually, I’ll say weight loss results. Some of it was muscle loss because I wasn’t able to work out in that first period.

Did I Gain Weight Since The Last Fat Loss Report?

Since the last report on September 10th, I’ve been able to start working out again.  At this point, I’ve been working out for about five weeks or so.  Because of that, I was expecting some weight gain in this period even though I’m still dieting technically.  I was expecting my body to recover some of the muscle that I lost in that prior six-week period. Sure enough, I have gained back some muscle.

In this month period since I’ve spoken to you guys last about my intermittent fasting results, I have gained approximately a pound and a half.

So not too much weight. I’m not alarmed by the amount that I’ve gained. Actually, I have been tracking my measurements and I don’t see any fat gained in my measurements.

My waist measurements did not go up.  But my measurements on some other areas such as my chest, arms and legs did go up.  Also, my neck went up a little bit. These measurements indicate that I’m gaining muscle and not gaining fat which is what I want to make sure I’m doing.

I Will Continue To Track My Measurements And Calories

I’m going to continue to track my measurements and continue to keep my calories about where they’re at for now because I don’t want to make an adjustment too quick and try to lose fat too fast, and end up losing some of the muscle that I’m currently gaining back.

Even though I’m not technically losing fat at the moment, or weight on the scale at the moment, I’m going to maintain my current calories for at least another couple of weeks. Possibly another month, and then see where I’m at. Then, if I’m still not losing fat at that point, I’m going to go ahead and change up my calories.

Another thing I’ve been doing is tracking my lifts in the gym. I hadn’t been working out for the six-week period prior to the last report. Once I started lifting again I started tracking some of my lifts.

I’ve Made Big Strength Increases On My Lifts In The Gym

When I first started working out again I was barely able to do three 45’s on each side of the leg press. But at this point, I’m able to do nine 45’s on each side of the leg press. I was able to do it pretty easily to, I think I did eight or nine reps the other day.

I’m getting a huge increase in my strength which is really important and because my measurements are not showing that I’m gaining any fat, that shows me that even though I’ve gained a little bit of weight on the scale, it’s good weight. It’s not fat weight. It’s definitely muscle and that makes me really happy. It makes me feel like I need to continue going on with the same amount of calories that I’m already eating at this moment.

One other thing that I have noticed though that has been a little challenging is this. My wife Karen and I have gone out to eat a little more recently than we were through the previous month or two that I was doing intermittent fasting.

Difficulty Tracking My Calories When Eating At Chipotle

In July and August, we were eating in the house a lot more. We were tracking our calories which was much easier because we were cooking the food in the house. But more recently, we’ve been going out to Chipotle a lot and I have noticed, I don’t feel like I’m losing fat as quick because of it.

The funny thing is, is I’m still tracking my calories the same. I’m putting my calories into MyFitnessPal and I’m still dialing in my calories right at about 1,700.

I’ve been eating the same calories the whole time, but for some reason, I’m not dropping weight right now. I am gaining some muscle weight but I really think why I’m not losing fat faster is the rice, beans, and cheese they put on the bowl in Chipotle is different depending on who you get to serve the food to you.

For instance, here is what I’ve been getting at Chipotle. I get rice, beans, double chicken, and also double cheese to get my calories at about 915 for my lunch meal.

I have noticed that depending on the day, you might get a ton of food. While on another day, you get a lot less. The problem is that there’s no real way to know how much you’re getting and so I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going figure out how to handle that when we do go out. I’ll need to somehow figure out how to calculate what I’m eating. And have a better handle on my overall calorie intake.

When I’ll Know I Need To Make A Change In Calories I Eat

That’s about it though for today. Like I said, everything is going great and as planned. I did gain a little bit of weight but as I said in my first report, I was expecting a little bit of that.

Obviously, eventually, I want to start losing weight again but at this point, gaining a few more pounds is ok, as long as I don’t see my waist getting bigger. If that measurement is getting bigger that would be a good indication that I’m gaining fat.

Once I start seeing those type of things get bigger, if I do, then I definitely am going to have to change something but at this point. I’m okay with my waist not shrinking yet and gaining muscle in other areas in my body.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please look forward to more of my intermittent fasting results and fat loss transformation reports.

I’m going to continue to put these things out for you guys and I truly hope that you’re going to get a lot of value out them. And I hope they will help you on your intermittent fasting journey.

If you haven’t already, please feel free to check out my first intermittent fasting results report here: “Intermittent Fasting Results And Fat Loss Transformation Report #1

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